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Customer Reviews

Name: Ingrid M. Morganton, NC
Subject: Great Product
Message: I've been using this product for about a week and have noticed that my dark circles and puffiness around the eyes have been reduced. I will continue to use this product and expect more great results to come

Name: Olga O. Miami, FL
Message: This product is made of the best components available. It has a great price in comparison with other similar products. I really recommend it, it is GREAT!

Name: Tyson R. North Carolina
Message: This is a FaNtAsTiC product! When I first used it, I noticed the de-puffing benefits immediately. Within minutes of putting it around my eyes in the morning, the puffiness was gone and I looked wide awake! Now, I have been using the eye cream for about 3 weeks. The age spot at the end on my eyebrow has faded so much that it is barely visible. Also, my husband noticed that my crow's feet have gone away. I have never had a product deliver such noticeable benefits before.

Name: Nita R.
Subject: Awesome!!
Message: I have tried others products that cost twice as much and I have never seen any of them work as well as this one. Within one week of using this product I saw less puffiness and my dark circles fading. I highly recommend this product to any one.

Name: Camille, North Carolina

Subject: I love this product!!!

Message: I am recommending it to my friends who also have sensitive skin!!! Thank you for this wonderful eye cream. I used it lightly all over my face and rosacea is gone!!!!!I love this product!!! I am recommending it to my friends who also have sensitive skin!!! Thank you for this wonderful eye cream. I used it lightly all over my face and rosacea is gone!!!!!

Name: Ellie- Jo, Boston MA
Subject: New Creation Eye Cream Review
Message: I have been using New Creations Eye Cream for almost a month and I am delighted with the results. In addition, I am extremely impressed with the delicate texture of the cream and have experienced no irritation whatever from using it. Within seconds after application it just disappears without leaving any greasiness. The cream comes in a beautifully designed jar and only a tiny amount is needed for each application. I plan to give the cream as a Mother's Day gift to my daughters. Love it!! 

Lori B. "Just got this last night and am so excited to start using it!! I put it on this morning and my eyes are already looking less puffy and the dark circles I usually have in the mornings already look lighter! Can't wait to see what it does when I continue using it! I will post updates!!"

Name: Susan R. - Massachusetts
Subject: New Creation Eye Cream!
Message: I have used New Creation Eye cream for about a month. I have sensitive skin around my eyes that many products caused irritation. I was thrilled with the results I have gotten with New Creation. My skin feels smooth and soft to the touch and there is no irritation!!! I only need a small dab of cream it covers so well and absorbs well, not greasy, no residue - just a silky smooth feel. Best of all the skin around my eyes looks fantastic! I am sold and will be telling my friends about it. I also like the good ingredients, things I can pronounce and no fragrance. Keep up the good work!

Name: Bonnie O, North Carolina
Message: I have been using the eye cream for about a week now and have used many other products in the past but i would have to say this is by far my favorite. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to firm the area around the eyes. You will be very pleased!

Name: Camile C. North Carolina.  Message: Several people from my patient group have ordered New Creation cream after my advertisement on facebook.  I also posted in a closed group for patients.  One of the ladies that ordered has already gotten it and used it.  She loves it. If they can use it with chemical sensitivities, it is GOOD stuff. A patient friend in Australia is asking about it, but I don't know if she's ordering or not.  I think about five ladies have ordered who have very sensitive skin like me. Thank your New Creation for us.  We can't find anything in the store to use.